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Frequently asked questions 

All you need to know before

you book your session

What's my style of photography?

I specialize in lifestyle photography, crafting images that are never staged but instead reflect the genuine essence of individuals and families. While my main focus is on family photography, I also have a passion for capturing the intimate connections between couples and the timeless beauty of weddings. In every shot, I aim to catch the little details that make your story special. It's not just about taking pictures; it's about preserving moments. Every laugh, hug, and shared look. Let me tell your story through simple, timeless images that you'll cherish forever.

How can I book a session?

Get in touch with me via the website, and let's chat about your family and what you envision for your photoshoot. We can then coordinate to find a suitable day, time, and location based on your availability. Once you've booked, we'll share preferences, and I'll offer some helpful tips to ensure your photoshoot is just the way you want it. Looking forward to capturing beautiful moments together!

What is 'lifestyle photography'?

Lifestyle photography is all about capturing genuine moments and authentic emotions, steering clear of posed or staged setups. In this style, I'll expertly guide you to achieve the best results while ensuring that the entire experience reflects the true essence of your life. It's about freezing those real, everyday moments in time and creating images that resonate with your unique story.

When should I book a newborn or maternity session?

For newborns, I suggest scheduling the photo shoot within the first month, ideally starting around 10 days old. Maternity sessions are best planned between weeks 28 and 36 of pregnancy. This timing allows us to capture the precious early moments of your newborn and the beautiful glow of expectant mothers with optimal results.

What if I want to gift a photoshoot?

Contact me for a personalized Gift Card, sent via email or mail.

What happens after I book a session?

I will confirm our session details through email by sending you a questionnaire to fill out before the session. This questionnaire is designed to help me better understand you, and your preferences for the photoshoot, and ensure that I am fully prepared for our time together. Additionally, I'll provide you with some helpful recommendations to get ready for the big day. The photoshoot, which typically lasts 1-2 hours, is an opportunity to have fun, enjoy with your family, and simply be yourselves!


Where can I do the photoshoot? 

For all photoshoots, excluding newborn sessions, you have the flexibility to choose the setting that suits you best: either at home or on location. 

Opting for an in-home session? Embrace the comfort of your own space, creating a cozy and authentic atmosphere. It's the perfect setting to capture genuine moments in the familiarity of your surroundings. This location is particularly ideal for newborn sessions, offering a warm and intimate backdrop. Alternatively, if you're inclined towards an outdoor session, consider choosing an iconic place or a location with special significance to you. Explore unique backdrops that add a personalized touch to your photoshoot, creating timeless memories against the beauty of the outdoors.

How long does a photoshoot last?

The duration of a photoshoot varies based on the type of session. Newborn photoshoots, being baby-led, are longer, lasting approximately 90 minutes. This extended time allows me to adapt to the baby's needs and schedule. On the other hand, all other sessions are typically 60 minutes. Throughout this time, my focus is on observing your family dynamics, and capturing the genuine connection and love you share. I'll guide you to ensure optimal angles, composition, and lighting during the session.Late arrival deducts time from the shoot. Be ready for in-home sessions to maximize shooting time.

What about weddings? 

For weddings, once you reach out to me, we can schedule a video call or an in-person meeting to dive into all the details about your big day. This includes discussing your expectations, getting to know each other better, and ensuring we're on the same page. Following our conversation, I'll send over the contract, a questionnaire for you to fill out, and the payment details to secure and reserve the date for your special day.

What happens after?

Final pictures are delivered in JPEG files in high quality already retouched via a Private Online Gallery within 1-2 weeks after the photoshoot. For weddings, I deliver them 1 month after the wedding.  I don't provide non-edited images (RAW files).

* All the photoshoots include immediate family, extra fee for bigger families 
* Travel expenses are covered within 10km from Saint Germain en Laye 
* Pets are welcome in any photoshoot 
* I only share the photos with your consent



Whether at home or on location, the goal is to create lasting memories for you to cherish forever.

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