Frequently ask questions

1. What's my style of photography?

I love working with natural light, so expect moody pictures & a bit of grain. I also love effortless, natural pictures the ones that reflect authenticity. I will guide you to make sure we have good lighting, good angles & good composition.

2. What's not my style of photography? 


I don't do posed pictures, looking at the camera looking picture perfect. I don't like rehearsed smiles & perfect - staged- scenarios. Nothing wrong with that, just not my style of photos. 

3. How can I book a Session?

Through this website, you can contact me so I can send you all the details, including availability. Once you have booked we will exchange on your wants & needs and I will give you a few tips for the shoot.

4. What does 'lifestyle photography' means? 

It means that I will guide you to have the best results possible but always convey the real moments & emotions, nothing staged. 

5. When should I book a newborn or maternity session?

For a Newborn Photoshoot, I will recommend you to book for the first month of your baby's life (starting at 10 days old). But most importantly whenever you feel comfortable with having someone in your home. For a maternity session, I would recommend between 7 to 9 months of pregnancy. 

6. What if I want to gift a photoshoot? 

If you want to give away a Photoshoot you can contact me for a 'Carte Cadeau' or 'Gift Card' that I will personalize for you. I can send it either by email or to your house. 

7. What happens after I book a session?

I will contact you the day before the shoot to confirm the meeting point or address in case it is an In-Home photoshoot. Once we meet the photoshoot usually lasts between 1 or 2 hours (depending on the shoot). If the photoshoot is on location I will choose a few spots for our photos. If it's an in-home shoot I will have a little home tour before we start to get to know the space better. The most important thing is to have fun, enjoy the time with the family or loved ones & be yourself!

8. What if it's an in-home session? 

Prepare your house just by decluttering the main areas, no need to stress. Also, if you have white or light color linen for the main bed that would be awesome, make sure it's not wrinkled. 

9. What should we wear? 

Wear neutral color clothes, preferably that complement each other (please avoid wrinkled shirts & strong patterns). But most importantly, something you like & feel comfortable wearing. If you would like to send me photos or have my opinion feel free to write me.

10. What if we are sick or it rains?

No problem, we can reschedule the shoot just let me know as soon as possible. For the rain, we will check the weather app the day before to be sure (it's so unpredictable!). 

11. What happens after the shoot? 

I will deliver the Final Pictures from the photoshoot the following days, between 3 days and 2 weeks. I will choose the best pictures from the shoot, usually between 30 & 40 pictures.  They will be uploaded to a Private Online Gallery where you can download them and share them with family & friends.  I don't deliver non-edited images (RAW files) just for the fact that they don't represent the final product of my work.

12. What happens if we are late? 

Unfortunately, it will take the time off of your shoot, since I usually have other photoshoots after and cannot risk being late. For an in-home session, I expect you to be ready on time so we can start the shooting once I'm there. 

13. How do I pay you? 

You can pay either the full amount before the shoot or you can pay half before & half the same day of the shoot (only by check or in cash). 

*Once you book I will send you all the payment details

14. Recommendations for your children... 

Please bring your kid’s Doudou or favorite book so we can use it in case of need.
You can also bring some snacks to give to your kids (please avoid chocolate or cookies

and go for less messy snacks such as cheerios or puffs).

We want your kids to be spontaneous, so encourage them to be themselves no need to force them to smile or look at the camera.

Most importantly, I want you to be present & enjoy this time together with your loved ones and/or yourself. I’ll make sure you have some great pictures that really capture your genuine family dynamics in the best way possible.