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Style Guide



Remember this is just a guide in case you’re feeling lost on what to wear for your photoshoot and want a little bit of guidance.


A photoshoot is always an important event for the family. You want these photos to represent you and your family, that's why the first and most important thing is to choose something that you like and that you feel good in. 


The idea behind the session is to have fun, enjoy the moment and relax, that's why clothes are not the priority. However, I have decided to make this guide in view of the fact that many people usually want my feedback. 



1. The first thing is to wear something that fits you well, nothing tight or that you are not used to wearing. I would avoid heels and overly formal clothes, because as I said the idea is to represent yourself as you are. 


2. For the photos, I would choose light-colored clothes, so white or beige but they can be pastels too.


3. For group photo sessions, avoid matching outfits instead go towards coordinating outfits. So maybe choose one color to coordinate or similar tones. If one of you is wearing a pattern, then it is better if the other members of the family wear one color or no pattern. 


4. Always avoid flashy logos, wrinkled and worn-out clothes, or clothes in bad condition. Also avoid neon, orange, and yellow since these colors will be reflected on your face (and won't look good).


5. Make sure it fits! Yes, make sure the clothes fit your kids, especially newborns because they tend to be too baggy.  Also, is important that they feel comfortable so no need to put on accessories or fancy outfits a onesie will do. 

6. If it's cold wear layers, as many as you can and hopefully we will be able to take a few off during the photoshoot. 

What to wear to your photoshoot?

to your maternity photo session

What to wear to your maternity session?


If you are doing an outdoor session you can choose a long dress that has movement. Prioritize light color tones or a soft pattern. 


If it's cold you can choose unicolor pants (preferably blue jeans but black/beige also work well) with a fitted top and an open jacket or shirt.  


If it's an indoor session, you can choose up to 2 outfits. 


 You can choose one with the belly covered and the other with the belly uncovered (or as you prefer). For the covered belly, a dress or a pair of pants with a tight-fitting top will do. For the bare belly, a set of underwear with a kimono, shirt, or sweater on top will do. Also, a pair of pants with a lingerie top will do.

Finally, feel free to ask me or send me pictures if you want my feedback :) 

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